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Are you bringing massive action or massively overstretched?

Having an advisor is great for a CEO, but our clients are seeing impact that's 10x and 100x greater because of our 5 day impact plans together with a cushion of support.

Crush Goals 10X Faster

Bring your best self to your mission. Tap into your unique energy to reach your maximum potential.

Custom Strategy

By pre-planing and solving for unique challenges we open up totally new avenues for nearly unreachable goals.

Cushion of Support

Get relief from overwhelm and move through to the next chapter of the life you want. We get you and what you are going through.

Case Study: Clash TV

"What I appreciate us doing together is orchestrating action that’s 10 if not 100 times more powerful than our daily task flow. That’s allowed us to move the needle." says CEO Founder Ivan Isakov.

One Founder who worked with Noah spoke to the power of Noah’s coaching to help him set priorities straight through their quarterly planning: “I am much more focused about what I am taking on, the resources I need to put in place and where my focus needs to be. I've got a more of a sense of ease and focus, and am able to resist shiny objects and FOMO."

A Founder spoke to how Noah helped him practically identify the gaps in the business and build the next steps. “We broke down all the resources I had currently for the business, identified key gaps and then developed a clear plan to execute. It was a level of clarity I hadn't been able to get to on my own.”

Another Founder who has been working with Noah for 3+ years noted that working with Noah is “somewhat relentless. I’m always accountable to him. He helps me prioritize and eliminate the noise and distractions. [Working with Noah makes me] way more prepared for every meeting and every call. That gives me confidence and helps me stay calm and focused.”

Noah Koff

Why is next level business coaching a fit for you?

With weekly check-ins on your massive impact plan and unlimited chat coaching, you never get stuck guessing how to impact your business goals. Enroll in next level business coaching today, and you'll get:

Weekly Business Check-ins

Weekly 45 minute check-ins on your massive impact plan, course correction, and custom training for your business muscles with communication, negotiation, fundraising, hiring and more.

Unlimited Chat Coaching

Always be prepared for important meetings with investors, partner communication and deal negotiations with your coach in your pocket for quick answers and emergency calls.

Deep Experience Building and Scaling Business

Helping you with the exact techniques for expert speed and agility.

Resource Hub at Your Fingertips

Battle tested tools and resources for fundraising, hiring, innovation, marketing, sales, dashboard, mindset and more. 



Now is the time if you are without the tools to get your business to that next level. One part is business planning, fundraising, building your team and operation. Another is mindset for taking consistent massive action to impact big goals. It's also a good time to reach out if you feel that you are running out of runway.


I've worked with companies in diverse business models and sectors. I've helped people build revenue from $100K months to over $400k months, hire, restructure teams and innovate product. My sweet spot is Series A to Series C stage business when Founders need to prioritize effective leadership to win a large category.


I have formal training with coaching going back to 2002. I've been there as a Founder of multiple businesses; and know all about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, co-founder issues, fundraising, culture and hiring from building multiple companies from zero to profitability. I bring 20 years of practical experience as a coach of high performance teams and organizations. Before founding his consulting business, I was a start-up executive accountable for building a $5M annual business with double annual revenue growth and very healthy profits. 


  • The work involves high-leverage activities from business strategic vision creation or updating (values, mission, purpose) to Go-To-Market with new products/services and fundraising 
  • Setting/focusing in on business quarterly/annual priorities and support structures that will step you to 50% revenue growth. And then stepping you into new structures that get you to 100% revenue growth or what you can handle
  • Developing key metrics and implementing metric dashboards
  • Prioritizing and project/task planning
  • Organization design/restructure/hiring
  • 80:20 thinking to clarify areas of leverage with investors, customers, product features & benefits, marketing & sales, weekly time & activities
  • Pivots, course correction and change management
  • Identifying skill opportunities and training plan recommendations to support leadership effectiveness with current business objectives


  • Visionary entrepreneur; who is great with the ideas but who struggles on the execution and getting focused on the right things in the right order to make that idea a reality; 
  • Founder who want to raise capital and attract ideal investors;
  • Founder who needs help getting focused, setting goals, developing business plans, implementing metrics, support while executing on projects, becoming data-driven; 
  • Removing the paralysis of not knowing what to do next because now can be more data-driven - by helping people set up accountability systems. 
  • Looking for marketing or thinking through growth support, and structures, especially if you have an Ecommerce business and can handle ramping up to 50% and 100% revenue growth;


The first step is a chat about your business, the results you need and the step by step approach. In 30 minutes, we can mutually determine if there's a fit for the next step.